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Our Services

Jasmine Full Service

Attendants will set up the Dinner Buffet(s), Appetizer Buffet(s), and Coffee Station with linens, Floral Centerpieces and Decor matching Event theme.

Attendants will attend self-serve Appetizer Buffet(s).

Disposable upscale Bagasse Appetizer plates, napkins and  petite forks provided. 

Attendants will attend self serve Coffee Station. Disposable cups, creamer and sugars provided.

Attendants will serve you and your Guests at the Dinner Buffet(s).  Disposable up scale Bagasse Dinner plates, napkins, silver disposable forks and knives


Attendants will cut and plate Cake/Desserts.

Disposable up scale Bagasse Dessert plates, napkins and silver disposable forks provided.

Attendants will clear guests tables of disposables after Dinner and after Cake cutting.

Additional fee applies for Full Service Package.

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Jasmine Bartending Service

Bartenders are trained in Alcohol Awareness, 

T.I.P.S. Certified and have Liquor Liability and General Liability coverage. 

Bartender fee's are $150.00  per Bartender.

Bar Service is up to 5 hours serve time,  Bar set up and Bar clean up. 

Additional serve time may be added.

Bar Service includes Clear plastic 9 oz Wine Glasses, clear plastic 12 oz Beer glasses. ice and ice coolers to chill Wine and Beer. 

Personalizd sign listing Wines and Beers is placed on Bar to assist guests in making their choices.

Client provides Beer and Wine.

With Bar Service a non- alcohol Drink Station may be added.  Drink Station will be set up with linens, Floral Centerpiece and Decor matching Event theme.

Drink Station with Ice Tea,  Lemonade, Ice Water, clear plastice glasses, ice and ice container.

$1.00 Per Guest

Drink Station with Coke, Diet Coke, Mt. Dew, Sprite, clear plastic glasses, ice and ice container.

$1.50 Per Guest

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Proudly Serving

Cincinnati, Dayton and surrounding areas, including:

The Lodge

Lake Lyndsay - (513) 868-8555

The Beach House

Lake Lyndsay 513-868-8555

Kayla's Korner

Lake Lyndsay 513-868-8555

​Muhlhauser Barn

West Chester - (513) 759-7304

Magnolia Estates

Miamisburg - (937) 269-7163

Rolling Meadows Ranch

Lebanon - (513) 659-0476

Armco Park

Lebanon 513-695-3980

Stone Valley Meadows

Franklin - (513) 507-0005

Canopy Creek Farm

Miamisburg - (937) 602-5867

Benham's Grove

Centerville - (513) 433-1913

Longworth Hall

Cincinnat​i - (513) 721-6000

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